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About Us

Having grown up on the white sand beaches of Western Australia with Pacific Island heritage, Jessie Hack’s love of the ocean was both an everyday experience and a story of a faraway home. A fascination with costume and adornment came through her many years as both a dancer and actress.

A sudden debilitating illness in her 20s halted a career in lights and spurred a need to find a new way to tell her story. Enrolling in a jewellery course on a whim led to a new found fascination with metal and jewellery design. Her formal jewellery and fine art training in Wellington and Melbourne respectively prompted her to further explore her cultural ancestry, finding both pearl farming and nobility in her family tree. Applying ancient gold smithing techniques to motifs of the deep ocean, traditional tattoo and Hollywood glamour established her sophisticated avant garde aesthetic. Returning to Perth in 2020 and launching her independent jewellery brand, Mother Metal, offering nostalgic and ornate forms which encourages the eternal. Mother Metal is a catalogue of enduring and iconic forms that sit between high art and fashion. Woven within narratives of remote islands and a devil-may-care punk rock attitude, each piece is designed to be worn with a sense of majesty and rebellion.

Meticulously handcrafted using traditional techniques with a modern playful approach shaping futuristic concepts of culture and story into exquisite form. In her debut collection ‘Breaking the Waves’, silver ‘caviar’ laden rings sit alongside surprising pearl arrangements and subtle updates to the classic pearl earring. Each pearl is sourced supporting family run farms in line with the philosophy of ownership, integrity and low environmental impact. Vintage and recycled materials are used where possible from precious metal to packaging- each part of the process is considered with the past and the future in mind.